Pillar Music Video Out!

We just finished our first ever music video for ‘Pillar’. The video was shot in the fall of 2015 at Guild Park in Scarborough and Sterling Studio in Toronto. It features a slit scan photography technique in which the image captures an effect of time rather than space. The process was originally used to achieve the “photo-finish” look at Olympic games and was adapted to film for Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Check it out!

Director: Shawn Robertson
Director of Photography: Gregory Francis
VFX, Editing, Colour: Shawn Robertson
Executive Producer: Andrew B. Harris

In other news, we have a show at the Gladstone Hotel at Queen and Gladstone in Toronto on March 18th. It’s a free show and we’ll be playing two sets from 8-10. More info to come!

Love and Respect


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